Gift of Water History

Through a series of medical mission trips from 1992 to 1995, the Gift of Water founders discovered the root cause of many illnesses in Haiti could be traced to contaminated water and lack of resources to purify that water. The founders researched low-cost water purification systems and found an effective two-bucket home based system invented by the British military in 1800's. With a small amount of engineering and updating materials, they were able to create a modern day version that was low cost and durable. In May 1995, Gift of Water was incorporated with the vision of providing low cost water purifying technologies to developing countries.

With its focus primarily on Haiti, Gift of Water first distributed purifiers in Campeche Dumay. This pilot program in 1996 was successful and over the course of the next few years Gift of Water established a production facility in Dumay and expanded distribution of its purifiers to Les Palmes, Barassa and other Haitian communities.

In 2002, Gift of Water received a significant grant allowing it to expand its manufacturing operations and service more Haitian communities. By 2004, Gift of Water was operational in more than 45 communities throughout Haiti.

In spite of the coup d'Etat in 2004, floods and hurricanes, Gift of Water persevered and continued to flourish and service even greater numbers of Haitian communities. By the end of 2007, more than 100 villages were being served by the Gift of Water. With plans to open a northern factory in 2008 to support its ever expanding distribution, the Gift of Water purifier program seemed poised to serve even more rural Haitian communities.

However, the economic down turn in late 2008 & 2009 hurt the organization badly. Commitments were de-faulted on and the financial situation deteriorated to such an extent that the Gift of Water was in serious trouble. In Decemeber 2009, the Florida based Gift of Water non-profit organization closed its doors.

Learning of its demise, and concerned for the people of Haiti, particularly after the earthquake of January 12, a group of individuals from Indiana decided to re-start the Gift of Water program. As such, an Indiana based non-profit organization was formed. Using the exact same physical system, and learning from previous experiences, the Gift of Water purification system, along with any replacements parts, are once again now available.