Sponsoring a Community in Haiti

Responsibilities of the Sponsoring Organization

The most active way in which you can get involved with Gift of Water is to sponsor a communitry in Haiti. Sponsorship is both a spiritual and financial committment.

As a community sponsor, you are responsible for:

  • Purchasing Gift of Water systems for a finite number of families in your community in Haiti
  • Funding the payroll for Haitian technicians who are responsible for administering the Gift of Water program in your community
  • Establishing a water committee in the community you support
  • Funding for program growth, as possible, to support the addition of new families

Responsibilities of the Community in Haiti

Working under the guidance of the Gift of Water program guidelines and with the assistance of a trained supervisor in Haiti, the sponsored community will form and maintain an active Gift of Water committee that is responsible for:

  • Hiring and training technician(s)
  • Selecting families to receive the Gift of Water systems
  • Monitoring usage of systems in the Haitian households
  • Accurate record keeping of inventory of complete systems and replacement parts

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