Getting Involved

Thank you for your continued interest in the Gift of Water. There are a number of ways that you might choose to support our program. Big or small, we really do appreciate them all. If all you are able to do at this time is provide one family with a purifier ($25), then we, and they, are most thankful for that. If you are in a position whereby you can afford to support our program to an even greater extent, then we are particularly appreciate your generosity as we have a heavy burden of expenses as we re-start this water purification program: To name a few :

- Rental on new warehouse space in Port au Prince area - $36,000
- Purchase of a truck to expedite deliveries - $40,000
- Employees to manage operations on the ground - $36,000

Donation levelsand ideas include:

$25 US places a purifier in Haiti
- All material costs
- Manufacturing
- Shipping and customs
- Delivery to community & training
- Each family pays a small amount

$50 US provides emergency relief chlorine tablets for more than 100 families for a month

$100 US each month helps subsidize a community health worker/technician

$250 US covers the cost of an audit to ensure the program is operating properly

$6800 starts a program in a new village with 200 purifiers, training and a local community health worker/technician

If you are looking for an ongoing commitment to help bring clean drinking water to Haiti, then sponsoring a community in Haiti may just be the answer for you.

If you are already working with a community in Haiti or are looking for assistance in finding one, Gift of Water can help you. We will work you to understand your financial comfort level and then partner with our friends and colleagues in Haiti to find a community to benefit from you assistance.

Gift of Water is an approved 501(c)(3).