Gift of Water Program Overview

The overall strategy of Gift of Water is to intervene expediently in a community with the aid of a sponsor using a field-proven process. In Haiti, from the time finances are released until families are benefiting from a clean water program can be as little as six weeks.

Gift of Water will use technologies that deliver an excelent balance between cost and effectiveness at producing a quality of water that addresses mortality (e.g. bacteria, viruses) and chronic malabsorption (e.g.parasites, bacteria, and viruses). Our litmus test is asking oneself "Would I be comfortable drinking that water all the time?"

There are three critical factors that are essetial if you are trying to develop a successful water purifying program in a developing country:

1) First, you need to base the program off an excellent water purifying system. There is no point spending significant amounts of time, effort & money, if the system you are putting in place is not robust enough to survive the varying water conditions or the daily usage. Ensure the system you select meets your needs.

2) Second, you need to ensure that the community you are planning to support with this system is 100% behind the initiative. Anything short of a full commitment to providing clean water and the initiative will fail. Commitment in terms of developing a water management team, organizing technicians, teaching the community how to use them, distributing systems and regular check-ups are vital.

3) Third, sponsors must plan support for the long term. This is not a one-time investment. There are on going costs beyond the first year for this to be effective.

The Gift of Water has a significant amount of experience helping to create successful rural community water purifyer programs. Please scroll though the website for additional information.