Manufacturing and Distribution


Originally Gift of Water purifiers were built in the US (Florida) then shipped down to Haiti and distributed community by community. As the program grew, an interest developed to employ Haitians to support this program, and manufacturing was moved down to Haiti. Raw materials were purchased stateside and shipped down by the container load. For a number of years, Gift of Water had a close relationship with Bethel Foundation in Campeche Dumay (outskirts of Port au Prince). Bethel Foundation would receive purifier materials and bring them to their factory. At the factory, all raw materials were then converted into finsished purifiers, string filters and carbon filters. From there, deliveries were arranged to each of the communities that had requested purifiers or parts. Additionally, Bethel Foundation had sufficient facilities to hold training session on-site for new technicians. Overall, this was an excellent working relationship that served both Bethel Foundation and Gift of Water well for years. Unfortunately, due to the financial difficulties experienced in 2009, the relationship with Bethel Foundation was severed.

As a result, Gift of Water has gone back to it roots.....for now. We are manufacturing and assembling purifiers here in the US (Indiana) and shipping those units down to Haiti. It is fully our intent to re-start operations with Bethel or some other organizatoin in Haiti in order to manage the manufacturing process for us in Haiti and employ Haitians rather than Americans. However, this will take a little time as we re-start operations. It is our hope that in 2011 we will once again be making purifiers in Haiti.


Purifier distribution in Haiti was largely managed with our Bethel Foundation partner. Once purfiers were manufactured and assembled, Bethel would deliver them throughout the country for a certain price. Since we no longer have the availability of their service (see above), we are making arrangements on an order by order basis for delivery of purifiers to all communities. Again, as mentioned above, it is our desire that in 2011 we have a regularly scheduled delivery service available. (eg our own trucks once again!)